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Four Corners Farm, a sustainable farm in Franklin County, has stepped into a new role as owner/operator of Four Corners Recycling. Four Corners owners Ian and Carolyn Reilly decided to fill the void left when Greener Pastures Services (GPS Recycling) ceased doing business in the county. “The need for a recycling service in Franklin County is critical, so when an opportunity arose to begin our own recycling business, we jumped at it,” said Ian Reilly.

Since beginning operations in October 2015, Four Corners Recycling has focused on meeting the recycling needs of Franklin County residents. All areas of Franklin County are included for their pick-up services. Single stream collection items include: glass (all types), cardboard, newspaper, magazines, office paper, phone books, gift wrap, all varieties of plastics (numbers 1-7, including plastic bags), and metal (drink cans, aluminum cans, tin cans, metal caps and tops). Donation items (old clothing, etc.) are also accepted and delivered to Roanoke Rescue Mission or other local organizations.

According to Reilly, “The people of Franklin County have been severely limited in the range of products they can recycle. We believe people want to recycle more than they are able, so we attempt to make recycling easy with curbside pickup from residences and businesses of recyclable materials that would otherwise be thrown away and filling up landfills.” All recycled items are taken to RDS of Roanoke. Pick-up is bi-weekly and various sign-up options are available.

Reilly’s interests in sustainability and care for the earth began in 2008 as his family invested in backyard chickens and chose to be careful consumers, recycling and composting as much as they could. In 2010, Reilly, along with his wife and four children, relocated to Virginia to purchase land and began farming utilizing a restorative method that incorporates rotational grazing of diverse animals. Now in operation for over five years, Four Corners Farm has steadily grown in their customer base and care of animals on the land.

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